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Music prod workshop

This is a workshop if you are interested in hip-hop, rap, trap, house, electronically produced music etc. between 13 and 20 years of age, in Grenland.
Musikkproduksjon workshop

On Tuesday 29th of November and 6th of December, artists Kevin Carter, Daniel Louella and Andre 2000 (that name is a bit of a parody) are coming to Underground's music studio - Gulset, to hold two workshops in music production. We will meet up at the library in Gulset, then we will go up to the studio.

The workshop requires no prior knowledge; this is both for those who have never encountered production, or for those who have studied this at VGS, or are doing it on a hobby basis.

We use simple, free and accessible programs initially to learn "the basics". Then you get to try Logic pro in our studio.

You will learn everything from building and programming beats, writing lyrics and creating stories and content, recording vocal lines, programming instruments and samples in your songs.

Interested? Register ASAP, as there is limited places. Click here for more information and registration

Kind regards!

teamfritid og UKM

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