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17th of May parade in Minecraft

Hurray! It's almost May the 17th, the sun is shining, and many people are thinking about ice cream! If you are a Minecraft fan, or done with walking in an IRL parade, you can join a digital one!

The May the 17th committee, in collaboration with Fritidsenheten, Skien kommune, are hosting a digital May 17 parade in Minecraft

This will take place at 14.30-16.30.

What planned?

We will gather on a server that several of Skien's Minecraft enthusiasts have helped to build during the pandemic. In this world, parts of the town of Skien have already been built.

We will meet up in the server itself and dop our own digital parade

It will also be possible to do various other things after the parade has finished, e.g. drive some 1v1 etc.

How do you access the server?

You start up Minecraft and press multiplayer, then enter

Then you will be able to log in to the server.

Practical info

Age limit: All school students are welcome!

We've setup div anti-griefing mods that make it so that no one can ruin for others.

There will be admins present on the server throughout the program

If someone wants to talk to each other, it will be possible to join this Discord server:

We can't wait to see you there!

Regards from teamfritid and Fritidsenheten <3


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