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This guy's got many roles!

Say Hi to Jonas. Teamfritid has known this guy for a number og years, and he has contributed to our activities for as many years. He is fortunate to have fun at the same time! Over the years he has collected many differet "hats", eg:

- DJ

- member of Skien Youth Council

- Gamemaster on discord

- strict gameshow host

- event crew

- summer school assistant (music production

- and more...

Let's get to know Jonas better...

What is your dream job and why?

My dream job it to be an air traffic controller (the people that sit in the controll tower at airports). I have always been interessert i planes and airports, and when I found out that there was little chance to become a pilot, i decided to work towards becoming an air traffic controller

What is important for you with regards to recreation activities in Skien?

It is important that all recreation activities er inclusive and open for all. No one should not be able to take part in recreation activities because of economical or social reasons.

What is the wierdest, craziest or most embarassing thing you have done?

One of the craziest things I've done what during the summer of 2021, when I skydived. It was so much fun, and something I would recommend others to try, if they get the chance.

If you had to choose between two super powers, to fly og be invisible, why is pineapple so good on a pizza?

Jeg would have chosen to fly, cause then I could have travelled where I wished, when I wished, [but...]pineapple is not good on a pizza!

*the last question is because of an ongoing discussion between Jonas and Chris (Underground). We just couldn't let it be :)


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