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We're gonna visit SKIEN WORLD

Join the us with a warm up event, then onwards to Skien World. What's going to go down:

  • free pizza kl 17.00

  • We only have 20 places, so arrive early. The first-come, first-served principle applies here!

  • mini intimate concert with local artist Cali

  • at 17.00 at Hedvigs Hybel, on Friday 11 November 2022.

  • What happens: we eat, an intimate concert with Cali, then we go up together to the seminar and the concert "Involuntary Rebels" *completely free

  • age: 8th grade - 18 years.

What is Skien World? It is a newly established collaboration of artists within world music. Ibsenhuset leads the project and collaborates with several other venues in Skien. We believe that this could become an annual highlight!

Look forward to it!

Kind regards


Fritidsenheten, Skien kommune


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